For Health systems

Built by health systems

We are the first patient engagement platform with health system partners at its core

John Noseworthy
"The pandemic opened the door to a hybrid healthcare model. I want to see health systems at the center of that progress."

John Noseworthy, MD

Executive Chair, Caire Board of Governors

"The model we're building at Caire is based on inter-health system collaboration. Health systems are uniquely positioned to innovate a new model that combines virtual and in-person care. By putting hospitals at the center of digital health innovation, we will preserve access to the critical health services our communities rely on, and usher in a new era of seamless care coordination for our patients."
Michael Dowling

Michael Dowling

President and CEO, Northwell Health

Our Value Proposition

Why health systems partner with us

Health systems have an imperative to compete with new entrants in health tech. Caire was built by health systems to partner with health systems to help them create better ways to serve their patients.

Our health system partners have skin in the game. By partnering with health systems as investors in the early stage, we ensure that our clinical solutions are built with health systems in mind.

Caire is built to ensure patients get the right care in the right place, whether virtual or in-person. We work with our health system partners to coordinate care to the appropriate setting.