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We partner with health systems to improve care continuity, workforce efficiency, and outcomes.

About Us

Caire is building an   AI-powered patient engagement platform that enhances patient experiences and streamlines clinician workflows.

With our intelligent AI agents, we empower health systems to digitize condition-specific treatment paths to deliver high-quality care efficiently, driving better health outcomes while making life easier for clinicians.

"The model we're building at Caire is based on inter-health system collaboration. Health systems are uniquely positioned to innovate a new model that combines virtual and in-person care.

By putting hospitals at the center of digital health innovation, we will preserve access to the critical health services our communities rely on, and usher in a new era of seamless care coordination for our patients.”


Built by health systems,
for health systems

By working closely with health systems through care coordination and deep technical integration with electronic medical records (EMRs), Caire enables health systems to deliver a hybrid model of in-person and virtual care.

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