At Caire, we are redefining how care is delivered.

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Across a landscape that can often feel fragmented, confusing, and downright broken, we’re creating a patient engagement platform that reimagines everything care can be.

We are building an AI-powered patient engagement platform that partners with health systems to connect patients to continuous, coordinated care.

The result?
By working closely with health systems, Caire is building a hybrid model of in-person and virtual care to holistically meet the needs of patients.

Tech-enabled, whole person healthcare

For Patients

Tech-enabled, comprehensive care

From primary care to specialty care, from telehealth visits to in-person referrals. We’re creating a more convenient, integrated experience that meets patients where they are and that complements in-person care.

For Health systems

A seat at the table to build & launch digital products

We partner with health systems to digitize care experiences between patients and care teams, driving improved outcomes, efficiency, and downstream revenue.

A primary seat at the table to build and launch a new integrated model of care delivery

Our Vision

Redefine health in the US by increasing access, engagement, and coordination at every touchpoint along the care journey.


Empowering women to embrace and prioritize healthy aging

Only 15% of menopausal women today are accessing the care they need and deserve. Upliv offers virtual, whole-person and specialized care to address the unmet needs of women along their menopause journey.

  • Clinically robust care model leverages science-backed guidelines like ACOG and NAMS
  • AI-driven algorithms curate care based on patient-reported data
  • Coordinated care with in-person providers offers robust care without traditional healthcare silos
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